Kelly Hassberger, CEO and the practitioners (photo)

Kelly Hassberger, CEO and the practitioners (photo)


Transforming the way our clients and community view optimal wellness, by providing individualized, patient-centered care, with the whole person in mind.

At Grand Rapids Natural Health we are committed to optimizing the health and well-being of our clients and the greater Grand Rapids Community. Our founder, Kelly Peterson, ND, opened Grand Rapids Natural Health inside of a chiropractic office in 2012, after completing her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. Since Grand Rapids Natural Health has moved to the west side of downtown Grand Rapids and our team of integrative practitioners and services continues to grow.

Kelly had a dream to build a center in West Michigan that provided all the services someone might need to be their healthiest self, all under one roof, and since she has built a team that is committed to the same dream and passion. Our team of practitioners work collaboratively and inspire their clients to restore all areas of wellness; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We focus on the whole person, with an individualized approach, using the most natural methods possible. Our mission is to provide all the tools our clients need to restore health and sustain those changes for a lifetime.


We specialize in integrative and naturopathic medical services, diet, lifestyle and health modification additional integrative health care services, as well as a full list of holistic spa services. We focus on a natural, holistic approach to health and wellness and have created our one of a kind Integrative Health & Healing Program program, which takes into account all aspects of health; mind, body and spirit.