Acupuncture is a safe and gentle procedure used to treat a wide range of diseases and relieve pain. Stimulation of carefully chosen acupuncture points helps re-establish the normal flow of energy. The focus of Chinese Internal Medicine is on improving the balance within the internal organs through their attachment to the acupuncture points. Patients usually find the treatment surprisingly easy, relaxing and without side-effects. After a course of treatment, pain and symptoms are often relieved long term or even permanently.

Western Science explains acupuncture in several ways: by improving blood flow, inflammation is carried away, while healing nutrients are better circulated throughout targeted areas of the body; in turn, the body also responds by releasing natural painkillers called endorphins and adenosine. Some of the newest research is showing that specific points affect specific parts of the brain; this is probably how acupuncture works for non-pain related conditions. These aspects work symbiotically to restore and heal the body as it is affected by pain, injury, and various other conditions.

While acupuncture can be a great first treatment for a wide variety of symptoms and disorders, most of his patients find him after nothing else has worked. He uses acupuncture like a 'tune-up' to help people get quick relief from their pain or symptoms. Often, acupuncture is enough to take care of a problem and can work long-term or even permanently. Some people want or need to dig a little deeper and address these underlying causes and he addresses these issues too. 

Acupuncture Services

Acupuncture Initial Session - $150

  • Includes a brief intake, history and introduction to acupuncture.
  • First treatment is also included at no additional charge.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing or bring shorts and a t-shirt. Acupuncture is done on the extremities. No need to disrobe.
  • Plan on being in the office for up to 90 minutes.
  • Required for all new Acupuncture clients. 

Acupuncture Follow-Up - $65

  • Expect to spend 45-60 minutes at our office. 
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing or bring shorts and a t-shirt. Acupuncture is done on the extremities. No need to disrobe. 
  • This appointment type is for return patients only.

***All Acupuncture treatments are done in a group setting. ***

***All acupuncture treatments are done by Stephen Durell of Acupuncture of West Michigan. Stephen is an independent practitioner in the Grand Rapids Natural Health office.***

Use the system below to schedule your acupuncture session or call 616-264-6556 for more information.