Archetype Cards (photo).

Archetype Cards (photo).

Archetype Guidance Sessions with Chris Wheeler

Have you been wondering what your life’s purpose is? Are you questioning why you respond to your life circumstances in a particular way?

Archetypes are the energy patterns that are woven into our lives. These energies show themselves in the roles we take on, our choices, careers, beliefs and thoughts. Archetypes such as mother, entrepreneur, healer, victim, bully, child and many more are familiar to us and are affecting our lives whether we are aware of them or not.

These sessions are designed to assist you to come into a conscious relationship with the archetypal patterns that are operating in you life. We will incorporate the use of Archetype cards to gain inspiration and guidance into the energy patterns that are present for you and how to engage with them to create harmony, balance and a understanding of your life purpose (Sacred Contract).

By coming to know your mission, you can live your life in a way that makes best use of your energy.” (Caroline Myss)

This method of working with the Archetype Cards is based in Chris Wheeler's studies with Caroline Myss, 2-year program on Sacred Contracts and includes:


·     Two-hours with Chris Wheeler

·      Use of archetype cards and charting to gain deeper awareness & guidance into lifetime patterns

·      Work with the survival archetypes-victim, saboteur, prostitute & child

·      Guidance on current issues in your life

Cost: Two Hour  Session- $150

   Cards are available for purchase for additional $20

Archetype Cards (photo).

Archetype Cards (photo).


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