Change Your Emotions, Change Your Health

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I pride myself in taking a whole body approach to your health and wellness. This approach, in my opinion, must go beyond the physical body alone. To really get to the root of a problem, we also have to focus on the emotional body. Your emotions absolutely have an effect on your physical body. We cannot diagnose or treat one without the other. When I am seeing you as a patient, we are discussing what is happening with your internal systems – are you sleeping well, digesting food properly, hydrating, exercising, etc? But equally as important, we are also talking about your stress levels, how you react to stress in your life and what your current emotional state is.

Depending on where in the physical body we see discomfort occurring, we can begin to explore the emotional bodies' role in creating external symptoms. Our job is to find ways to decrease your stress levels and bring your emotional body back into balance. Understanding the patterns that are happening between the two will help us to diagnose where the issue stems from. You can use medicine to treat a symptom, but if you don't fix the root issue, you never really fix the problem. And the likelihood of it returning is high.

What Your Patterns Might Look Like...

Physical complaint: “I have constant sore throats that I can't seem to get rid of. It's been 6 months and they reoccur every two weeks or so. I have tried antibiotics and this is not strep throat according to my doctor. Why do I keep getting these?”

Emotional cause: Here we look at things like potential sensitivities to foods and your immune health but also what you might or might not be saying. Manifestation in the throat often means that your energetic body is being blocked by something that needs to be expressed.

Physical complaint: “I have chronic constipation. It's very uncomfortable and nothing seems to work to get things moving.”

Emotional cause: Constipation often means that you are literally holding it in. Your physical body is showing you that. We will look at your diet to see if the foods you are eating are being digested properly and well as look at simple things like water and fiber intake. But we will also look at what emotions you are holding in and work on a plan to release them.

I hear stories like these two all the time. As we dig deeper, we will often discover that an emotional stressor occurred at some point or this is some emotion that is not being expressed. I often also learn that a disease process started right after an emotional stressor occurred. When you look closely, you will find that your physical body mirrors your internal state of mind and that your physical health will often crash along with emotional stressors. Our emotions and our physical state are one in the same.

How is your physical body mirroring your internal state of mind?

Contact Kelly to schedule a 15-minute consultation to begin the process of identifying what is happening internally to trigger your symptoms.

Find Your Belief Patterns. Find Your Health.

When you begin to understand what is happening internally with your thoughts and your beliefs about yourself and your life, you will discover that your physical symptoms begin to heal. I can help guide you through this transformation.

Finding quiet time can be a huge benefit to this process. I suggest that you take 15 minutes of “you time” daily. Give back to yourself or consider an 8 week course at the Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness. I see great results when my patients actively engage in this program.

How do you support yourself on an emotional level? Find 15 minutes every day that is just for you. Not everyone finds deep breathing or reading to be relaxing, so find what works for you. Give yourself permission every day to take that time. Your emotional and physical body will thank you.