The Energy of True Prosperity

Written By: Laurie DeDecker, RN, MHIA

Prosperity can be defined in more than one way. It seems like many today might define the word in terms of financial wealth, but to really examine the meaning of true prosperity one must look beyond money. Digging deeper into descriptions of the word, one finds terms such as flourishing, and thriving, which seems more appropriate to the core meaning of the concept.

Many people today have become very focused on financial success and monetary gain as a driving force or life purpose. If the quest for money becomes too overarching it can become an obsession, more like a type of hoarding. This societal focus on monetary gain has led to a host of issues like long work days and high levels of stress, that essentially take people further away from thriving and flourishing, often leaving them exhausted, empty and out of balance. Because they end up further from flourishing or thriving, they also end up being further from true prosperity.

I would recommend examining the deeper meanings of true prosperity because one can thrive and flourish without being financially wealthy. The words thrive and flourish speak to the idea that someone can be successful and grow in a healthy balanced way, in contrast to the concept of amassing and hoarding wealth. True prosperity encompasses the opposite of the societal norm that leads to exhaustion and burn-out.

Inherent, but often forgotten in this type of discussion is the fact that everything in the universe is made up of energy, including us. We live in a universe of energy, and we are intimately connected to this sea of pulsing, vibrating energy. In addition to the physical body, all thoughts, words, emotions, intentions, and actions have energy as well. The energetic elements of the world are constantly moving and being exchanged, seeking balance.  So, the most basic way to view the energy of prosperity is to recognize the basic principle that energy flows where attention goes. If one uses this simple concept to explore the idea of true prosperity, then what one focuses on and puts out into the universe is what one gets back, plain and simple.

So, what kind of energy is someone putting out into the universe if their focus in life is to beat everyone else in the race to amass monetary and physical wealth at all costs? What is the energy of greed or a hoarding of wealth? What comes back to a person who has this as their focus? I would venture that it does not result in a balanced give and take in the flow of energy, and will most likely result in an energetic imbalance. Could this be the reason that many financially successful individuals also find themselves out of balance in personal relationships and other areas of their lives?

On the flip side, what kind of energy exchange is involved in thriving and flourishing? They seem to be the result of having energetic balance. A life purpose and vision that allows one to have passion for their work and still have balance between wants and needs. They allow for meaningful work-life balance that leaves time for a fulfilling personal life and healthy relationships. A life that is interconnected and interdependent, rather than competing in the race to the top. Life-balance is key to true prosperity.

This is a very simplified discussion of a very deep topic, but if one examines the energy they put out to the universe in their daily lives and in their life-goals, then the thoughts, ideas, intentions and daily interactions that result can bring one closer to true prosperity.

So how does one move toward the energy of true prosperity? The main key is to be mindful of the energy one puts out into the universe every day, in every way. What does one’s inner voice, or sometimes inner critic say? Are daily goals and habits supportive to all, or detrimental to self or others? The field of neuroplasticity shows that by thinking new thoughts one can re-wire their brain to have new thoughts and react in new ways. There are many tools available today for working with this new science, like affirmations and mindfulness exercises. Consciously changing one’s thoughts puts out a new energy and creates a new reality.

A lesser known tool to help bring better balance is the use of energy therapy. The simple form of energy therapy that I practice and teach helps bring mind, body, spirit, and emotion back into better balance. It can help one find inner peace and allows the body’s own self-healing mechanisms come back into play. When one is energetically balanced, then life begins to move in a more balanced way, allowing for better thoughts, decisions, actions, and life-goals, as well as improvements in physical conditions that have resulted from energetic imbalances and long-term stress. There are many forms of energy therapy so a general rule of thumb is to look for one that has a national credentialing organization so a practitioners training and skill level can be verified.

I believe that true prosperity is possible for all. If each person aligns with that energy by being mindful of working toward their own energetic balance and a world where all are thriving and flourishing, then things will shift for all. It all starts with a single positive thought or intention.  

Laurie DeDecker, RN, MHIA is a registered nurse and a practitioner and trainer of the Healing in America method of energy therapy. She is passionate about helping her clients and students find better balance and inner peace through the simple beauty of energy therapy. Her practice includes adults, children, and communities. For more information about her energy therapy services click here. Call us today at 616-264-6556 to schedule your complimentary 15 minute meet and greet or energy session with Laurie DeDecker.