Introducing Elina Organic’s Crushed Pearl Makeup

Did you know, the United States of America allows more toxins in their cosmetic products than any other country in the world?  The FDA states,

“Companies and individuals who manufacture or market cosmetics have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their products. Neither the law nor FDA regulations require specific tests to demonstrate the safety of individual products or ingredients.”


This means that cosmetic companies are the ones deciding if the products they are trying to sell consumers are safe or not. Even worse, the same very products we carry here in the US are carried in different countries, but contain different ingredients. Why? Because those very ingredients that you are applying to your skin daily are banned in other countries. In the last decade, Europe has banned 1,400 chemicals and the United States has banned only 11. 

As a Holistic Esthetician, it is troublesome to tailor skincare products to my client's needs, not knowing what kind of makeup they are feeding their skin on a daily basis after they leave my space. Everything you apply to your skin matters! Even if you are using quality skincare products you could be counteracting that with your everyday makeup line. Traditional makeup tends to clog pores, dry out your skin, cause inflammation, and skin irritation; leading to problematic skin and wrinkles. Many makeup lines contain synthetic dyes, talc, oils, fragrances, and alcohols that are known to be toxic, and cancer causing. The question remains, why do companies use such ingredients? The answer lies on the dollar bill. These ingredients are cheap and companies make a great deal of profit off of poor performing filler ingredients.

With all this in mind, I am incredibly excited to introduce to you, Elina Organics’s crushed pearl makeup line, a loose mineral makeup that is 100% PURE and has ZERO fillers! This product contains only titanium dioxide, mica, zinc oxide, iron oxides, and pearl powder, without added chemicals! This crushed pearl makeup is full of proteins, minerals, and creates hydration for your skin. It is more like a therapeutic mask that I would apply in my treatment room, than traditional, unregulated makeup.  For months clients have been asking me about what makeup to use and the answer is finally here! Stop in today to match a color to your skin type!

Beauty really can be natural!

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Lauren Ramey is a Licensed Esthetician through the state of Michigan and Arizona. She has a passion about natural healing and skincare and is excited to offer her clients at Grand Rapids Natural Health her services, using clean, safe products. 

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