Ultimate Post-Summer Reset

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When I was teaching, the end of summer drawing near made my adrenals quake and a sense of dread of the upcoming stress of the school year ahead wash over me.  This was always hard to deal with because I loved teaching and looked forward to meeting my students. However, the drain of chronic stress was taking a toll on my health and hormones.  I needed to reset in the fall to cope with the stress, so my health and well-being weren’t compromised as cold and flu season approach. I worked to come up with a reset to make my life much easier during the fall and the plan included 3 healthy habits:

  1. Batch Cooking

  2. Morning Routine

  3. Drinking More Water

 So many people begin their day with a mad dash straight from the shower to the car. When children, work, and home tasks are all competing for the same time frame, it's inevitable that some things will either be rushed or forgotten about. If this is something that you find common in your home, you should really consider how different things could be with a few small adjustments that make a daily routine easier. Whether you or your family are headed back to school, a college student headed back to campus, or a busy professional dealing with a stressful schedule, here’s a few tweaks that have made my routine a breeze:

1. Batch Cooking

This literally saved me!  I needed to fuel my body with whole foods focused on fruits, veggies, whole grains, and quality protein. This is a core foundation to good health.  When I was stressed and tired after work, I would grab something quick which lead me to be eating more processed foods and less fresh ingredients. This in turn added to my stress in two ways: 1. The dreaded “What’s for dinner?” and 2. Stress on my body at the cellular level.  I started making time on the weekend to prep meals and/or ingredients and it changed my life. This is a must for me now and I help clients establish this routine as well through meal prepping. Luckily, there is no right or wrong way to prepare meals. It’s about what works best for you and those you’ll be sharing with. The main goal is to save you time in the kitchen, making available healthy meals to eat in the week. Some people like to prepare their next week by preparing all 3 main meals a day, while others just want to know their supper is ready when they get home.  Even just washing fruits and veggies ahead of time is a great way to prep.

2. Morning Routine

So many mornings I would wake up at the last minute and then be rushed trying to get ready.  What did this lead to more of? STRESS! One way to reduce the chaos of the morning is by creating a ritual. This is one that sets you up for a great day, is a way to remember your intentions, and be the happiest and healthiest person you can be. With the right morning ritual, you have the best start to your day. It helps give you energy, makes you more productive, and truly improves how happy and content you are. For me, this time was waking up even just 10 minutes earlier for a little reading and stretching.  I made time for this by having my lunch and bags packed the evening before and setting out my clothes for an easy morning. Starting small and then adding in more things to the – like meditation, mindfulness, journaling, prayer, exercise, BREAKFAST, etc. will come in time. Pick one small thing to add to your morning that will be life-giving for you and DO IT!

3. Drink More Water - An Easy Detox Habit 

Managing your health and focusing on your nutrition isn’t always easy. There are so many different rules, which seem to change depending on who you are talking to. Some people advise cutting out meat, while others promote eating more meat through low-carb and Paleo diets. This happens with just about everything, from carbs and sugar, to how much protein you need and whether a vegetarian or vegan diet is a good idea. However, one thing remains true for every new diet or lifestyle change: you need to DRINK MORE WATER! You are not going to find someone who argues with this fact. While it is good to have as much water as you can (within reason) throughout the day, another thing to keep in mind is adding fruits to your water, like lemons. Lemon water is actually really good for you, tastes delicious, and can help you lose weight. If you are not trying to lose weight, it is still beneficial in many ways you might not have considered.  I fill up a water bottle the evening before to take to work and drink a glass of warm lemon water first thing upon waking. Do this before your coffee and see what changes you notice!

Creating a new routine can be stressful, so even if you just pick one of these three healthy habits and begin, you will notice some great changes with consistency!  In order to help you, I have created a free bundle of guides to help you do each of these habits successfully in the Ultimate Post-Summer Reset kit! Yours for free:

  1. Learn How to Batch Cook Like a Pro eBook

  2. How to Begin Your Day Right eBook

  3. Lemon Water: Everything You Need to Know eBook 

Let me help you kick off fall and back to school with a bang with these guides!  Download your Ultimate Summer Reset Kit today with the dropbox link below!



Andrea Hop has followed her passion and pursued a knowledge and understanding of how the right choices in life can nourish both the human body and soul. Learning about nature’s plants, making quality food choices and learning to love every aspect of the self-provides a pathway to promote healthy growth and change.She chose to attend the Institute Of Integrative Nutrition and received her Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification. Andrea specializes in empowering individuals and families to explore and find their best selves in healthy lifestyles and whole living. Her goal is to guide clients to focus on improving all aspects of wellness using; goal-setting, accountability, and simple changes that can lead to profound and lasting effects on quality of life and health.

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