You know you need a health coach when...

“What does a health coach do?” is a common question we get at Grand Rapids Natural Health.  Health coaching, while fairly new to West Michigan, has been around for more than a decade and an awesome solution for those looking for personalized support.  You know you need a health coach when…

  1. You don’t feel at your physical best. Your own unique potential isn’t being reached. Perhaps you live an active lifestyle, but pay little attention to what you are eating.  You want to step it up a notch and find your best you!
  2. You’ve set health, weight and wellness goals on your own and are having trouble reaching them. You’ve tried every diet you have ever heard of and end up feeling worse about yourself after each failed attempt.  A health coach helps you set realistic goals, then holds you accountable to reaching them.  No two bodies are alike so there is not a one size fits all program for everyone.  You will be listened to and heard.  Every single obstacle getting in the way of you reaching your best you will be put on the table and given the time and energy it needs.  You must be ready to do the hard work.
  3. You’re feeling alone on your health journey. No one should ever feel alone.  Our bodies and souls were not designed to be alone.  The free consult is provided for you to see if the health coach is the right fit for you!
  4. You’ve reached your rock bottom. You want to live the rest of your life differently, dang it!  You have ideas and dreams, but don’t know how the heck to get started!  You are committed to your own success no matter what it takes, but need some guidance and hand-holding.  Encouragement and praise are sure to be included.
  5. You are confused.There’s so much health information out there today that our heads are spinning -with good reason!  The processed food industry has paid their way into our minds.  All the messages we have heard for decades have jaded our natural given ability to listen to our bodies.  Many clients come in confused and have to be trained step-by-step to tap back into the signs and signals (aka mind-body connection) they knew so well at birth.
  6. You are stressed out.You’re so stressed out that you don’t know how you can make time for a health coach, but you know you have to.  Health coaching sessions are 50 minutes and happen two times per month.  It’s a very small time commitment that offers many ways to cope with your unique stressors.
  7. You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.Maybe you see the doctor a lot because you are getting sick way too often.  You or your family members seem to catch every virus they come in contact with and the prescription drugs are not doing your immune system any favors.  Your doctor is not offering you solutions, so now you believe this is normal.  Your bodies are craving balance and a health coach is trained to guide you to a more balanced life.  This can mean nutrition, yes, but not always.
  8. You have an unhealthy relationship with food. Whether it’s restricting or binging or anything in between, food is your enemy or your best friend.  Your life revolves around food and when you can eat it.  You believe the only way for you to look and feel your best is by weighing, measuring or giving up all of life’s pleasure from food.  A health coach is here to listen, support and work on strategies to overcome these addictions.  An unhealthy relationship with food is truly not about the food.  Each and every story is different and each and every story is valid.  You are worth more than gold and deserving of a life that is balanced, life-giving and healthy!
  9. You have always put others before yourself at the expense of your health. Many of the clients we see are moms.  Many suffer from a disease known as the “I’ll worry about myself later disease”.  Even if you have children and even if you chose to have every single one of them, you cannot properly care for them if you are not caring for yourself.  It’s our honor to help you on this journey to self-love, respect and care.  Once the kids are grown and out of the house, you will still have you!  Every day counts!
  10. You consider yourself healthy, but want to learn more about holistic health and nutrition. You are farther on your journey than most, but you still use the scale as your guide (or understand fat is the enemy). You want to be educated on a deeper level and get more in touch with your mind-body connection.  You’d also love to learn how to boost your immune system and use food as medicine.  You want to feel connected and supported by like-minded individuals.

Grand Rapids Natural Health provides health coaching to anyone who is ready to change.  If ever it becomes clear the client needs additional care from a different expert, all health coaches are trained to refer to a properly trained and certified individual.  Also, health coaches can work in conjunction with a health care professional as they do with the Naturopathic Doctors and therapists through the Integrative Health & Wellness Program.

To learn more about Health Coach, Audrey Byker, click here.

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