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Brow Henna and Tinting

Brow henna or tinting is a time-saving beauty trick that has women flocking to salons and spas. If you have ever shaped, brushed, or filled your eyebrows, then you are no stranger to the wonders a well-groomed brow can do for your face.

One great way to do this is with brow tinting, a quick coloring of your brows and you no longer have to fuss with a grooming routine every morning. A brow tint will define your brow shape, naturally frame your face, and is a great option if your brows are thinning or sparse. Add a wax to your tint to increase effectiveness and get the perfect shape.

A brow henna service is a cleaner and safer option. We use Elleebana Brow Henna. Brow henna stengthens hair and stimulates growth in the natural brow line, while also giving you a lasting stain for a filled, shapen look. 

The key is finding the right tone and shape to accentuate your face shape, complement your skin tone, and make your eyes pop, our brow specialist Janelle Goltz ’s specialty. 


  • Signature Brow- $50.00

    • Brow Shape, Tint, along with a finish touch up.

  • Brow Wax and Tint

    • Brow Shaping and Color

      • Henna- $45.00

      • Refectocil Tint- $40.00

  • Brow Tint

    • Henna- $25.00

    • Refectocil Tint- $20.00 

Our Brow Specialist: