Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy session at Grand Rapids Natural Health (photo).

Energy Therapy session at Grand Rapids Natural Health (photo).

What is Energy Therapy?

Everything is made up of energy, including our physical  bodies. In a healthy state, our energy flows easily throughout our body. If for any reason our energy becomes stagnant or blocked it can result in some level of dis-ease, leaving us feeling tired or unwell. There are simple ways to help restore a natural flow of energy in our bodies, allowing our natural healing abilities to begin to work again.

Energy Therapy is a natural therapy that compliments conventional medicine and other wellness methods. It is the channeling of healing energy to help open the flow of energy throughout the body, removing stagnant energy or blockages. This allows the recipient to relax and reenergize so the body can come back into balance, in order to prevent illness or support the healing process. It can also help to maintain balance in support of a goal for vibrant health and wellness.

What are the benefits of Energy Therapy?

There are as many approaches to healing as there are illnesses. Medical and surgical interventions may be augmented by complementary methods that help address healing on an energetic level. Energy therapy is one way of addressing some aspects of our health and works together with medical treatment.

Energy Therapy has many benefits. It can help to speed recovery from surgery, illness or injury, reduce pain or discomfort, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance immunity, build reserves for surgery, and aid in healing out of chronic conditions. It is not meant to replace the care you receive from your doctor.

People who receive energy therapy report:

They sleep better

They feel more positive, relaxed and peaceful

They feel less anxious

They have better insight into their current life and health issues

Their symptoms improve

They feel like they have more energy

Their pain has decreased or disappeared

They have more vivid dreams

Our Energy Practitioners:


Laurie DeDecker, RN, MHIA- To learn more about Laurie's Energy Therapy approach or to book an appointment with Laurie,  click here

Grand Rapids Natural Health Integrative Services, Energy Practitioner Chris Wheeler

Chris Wheeler, CST-  To learn more about Chris' Energy Therapy approach or to book an appointment with Chris, click here.