Energy Therapy with Laurie DeDecker, RN, MHIA

An Energy Therapy session at Grand Rapids Natural Health (photo).

An Energy Therapy session at Grand Rapids Natural Health (photo).

Laurie DeDecker, RN, MHIA is a Certified Practitioner and Trainer in the Healing in America method of Energy Therapy. This method of energy therapy comes from England where it is used alongside Western Medicine. The method helps to open the flow of energy throughout the body, removing stagnant energy or blockages. This allows the recipient to relax and reenergize, bringing body, mind, spirit and emotion into better balance to support the healing process. Laurie creates a safe space for healing to occur and assists clients in exploring the roots of their energy imbalances so they can return to, and maintain, vibrant health.


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More about the Healing in America Technique 

The Healing in America technique that Laurie uses is a simple, but effective form of energy therapy developed in England in the 1950’s. These simple techniques help to balance energy centers, also called chakras, and help open the flow of energy throughout the body, removing stagnant energy or blockages, allowing the body’s own self-healing mechanisms to help facilitate a return to better health and wellness.


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What happens during a session with Laurie?

Energy therapy is noninvasive and can be done in several ways depending on preference. It can be done either lying down or sitting, with the healer laying their hands gently on a number of energy centers around the body, or it can be done without touch, with the healer’s hands slightly above the energy  centers.

Everyone experiences the energy in a session differently, and each session can be very different from previous sessions because the energy works with a person where they are at in that moment. Anything a person experiences is ‘normal’. People who experience energy therapy report a wide variety of pleasant sensations during a session, such as feelings of warmth or coolness from the practitioner’s hands, gentle tingling, seeing vivid colors, deep relaxation and a sense of oneness with life.

Laurie's Energy Therapy Services:

Because of the way energy therapy works in the body, it generally takes a minimum of three to four sessions to clear out blockages so that lasting benefit can be realized. Because of this, we recommend weekly sessions for three to four weeks to start, then re-evaluating the overall outcome of the therapy to develop a longer-term care plan to help the client maintain better balance. Sessions can be purchased in a package or individually.

Initial Energy Therapy Session $80

New client session. Includes a full energy therapy session plus exploration and development of the intention and wellness goals for the current and future sessions.

1-Hour Energy Therapy Return Session: $75

Includes a full energy therapy session plus further exploration into underlying patterns that may result in energy imbalances, in line with the intention and wellness goals initiated in the initial session.

30-Minute Return Session: $50

Includes a full energy therapy session based on the client’s intention and wellness goals initiated in the initial session.

Energy Therapy Packages:

Client New to Energy Therapy: $290

Includes an Initial Energy Therapy Session as described above, plus three, 1-hour Energy Therapy sessions as described above. At the conclusion of the four sessions, a long-term plan will be discussed with a focus on helping the client maintain better balance going forward. Further sessions or packages can be added at this point, based on the client’s long-term goals.

Returning Clients Who Previously Received Energy Therapy Sessions: $285

For established GRNH Energy Therapy clients, you can purchase a 4-session package which contains four 1-hour sessions.

Energy Therapy Educational Consultations

Interested in finding out more about how you can learn energy therapy for self-healing, or how to become a practitioner?

30 Minute sessions are available with Laurie DeDecker for a small fee.

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