Esthetics Before and After Gallery


Dermatitis Before and After


Emma walked into our office November 21st 2017 with perianal dermatitis. The first photo you are viewing was taken a day before the facial and the last photo is 12 days after the facial. Emma’s complexion is now clear and she loves her KPS Essential products!

Emma’s at home care recommendations: Aromatherapy Cleansing Oil, Probiotic Toner, Renu Face Cream.

Atopic Dermatitis Before and After

Asa is a 6 year old boy with extreme Atopic Dermatitis all over his body. In June of 2018 his mother consulted our team of Holistic Estheticians for advice on product option for her son’s skin. She was familiar with the KPS Essentials product line after using it herself and was pleased to hear she could try using the KPS Renu Cream on his body and face every night. After only 2 nights of using the KPS Renu Cream on his face and body the results were remarkable.

Asa’s at home care recommendations: KPS Renu Cream

Acne Before and After

Emma started seeing one of our Holistic eEstheticians in February 2018 with severe acne, lots of inflammation, and redness. After 3 months of routine facials and using the recommended at home care, her acne was beginning to heal and the inflammation had dramatically decreased. By July 2018 her skin looked completely different! Emma's acne had healed, and inflammation and redness were gone!

Emma's at home care recommendations: KPS Aromatherapy Cleansing Oil, KPS Probiotic Toner, KPS Renu Cream for winter, and KPS Renu Complexion for summer.

Scar Before and After

Andrea was in an accident in October 2018, 13 stitches later she was left with a scar on her forehead. Our Holistic Estheticians recommended she use KPS Essentials products at home to start the healing processes. Alongside her recommended daily at home care routine, she also received a series of facials with our Esthetics team. The photos above reflects her AMAZING healing journey!

Andrea's at home care recommendations: KPS Renu Cream, KPS Renu C+ Serum, KPS Antioxidant Eye Cream mixed together and massaged into scar morning and night. After first facial, she began applying KPS Hydralux Extreme Moisture to the scar along with the other creams.