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Nutritionally Fit Series: Cooking Class 4 - Heal Your Gut, Soups and Stews

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Have you learned about gut health and how an unhealthy gut is extremely common, but also the root cause to many health issues and struggles in the body?  Allergies, asthma, hormone imbalance, immune function, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, obesity and so much more are tied to the "microbiome" aka gut.  This class is for anyone who loves to eat warming, grounding and seasonal comfort foods while living a busy life.  Together we will focus on preparing and cooking to help heal and seal the gut while also accommodating various diets and lifestyles.

With a background in education, over 13 years of experience in the kitchen working with whole foods and feeding her active family of 5, Audrey has mastered what it takes to lead clients to take action. There are many ways to make healthy eating taste amazing, but without the necessary kitchen skills, it can often seem impossible and become a roadblock.

Highlights of the evening include:
- Explanations and demos with fresh picked local produce. 
- Plant-based recipes. 
- Hands-on learning for those who prefer it.
- A little wine for sipping and infused water for tasting.
- Food sampling.
- Food storage and safety tips.
- Brief group coaching segment/time for Q&A.
- Recipe handout.
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This event is $25.00. Please call 616-264-6556 or purchase your ticket online to RSVP. Space is limited to 15 participants.