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Chronos Wheel Class Will Assist In Learning Your Life's Purpose

  • 1Breath4All LLC 3368 Beltline Court Grand Rapids, MI, 49525 United States (map)
Hosted by:  1Breath4All LLC

Hosted by: 1Breath4All LLC

Learn which are your personal Archetypes and how they influence your life choices

Have you ever asked, “Who am I, and what is my purpose?” Explore and determine which 12 of the many Archetypes described by Caroline Myss; best represent you, build them into your own personal chart, and learn to apply their wisdom to your daily life. 

Register now for 1Breath4All’s 2-part series “An Archetypal Journey”. Each workshop is 9am-5pm, and includes lunch! This series of two workshops are designed to be taken as a set or individually. Price is $80 per workshop or $145 for both. Carolyn Myss "Archetype Cards" are required. Bring your own or purchase at class for $20.

The Chronos wheel contains the alignment of the archetypal energies in your Chart of Origin. In this foundational workshop, we assist you in identifying your archetypal support team and 

the role they play in your life.
In this workshop we will work with: 

  • The Carolyn Myss Archetype Deck 

  • The four survival archetypes 

  • All universal archetypes 

  • Your unique 12 archetypes 

  • The 12 astrological houses in relationship to your archetypal wheel 

  • Casting and reading your Chronos wheel