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Retreat Into The Elements

  • Sky View Retreat Center 14170 Lake Michigan Drive West Olive, MI, 49460 United States (map)

If you’re feeling unbalanced in today’s world and desiring to find your inner balance, then join Chris Wheeler and Laura TerVeen for a heart-centered, soul-powered retreat and rediscover your Elemental balance with clarity, peace, and strength.

Sitting next to the cozy fire, you feel the warmth and power of the fire as it burns away that which no longer serves us and creates a new space of hope. You look into the fire and you see the raw passion and desire in the flames as they dance whimsically in delight as the fire transforms us from living in a place of fear and holding on to releasing and receiving our desires and dreams.

Leaning against the firm and deeply rooted trees, you feel the nurturing encouragement to be strong as your roots grow deep into the awareness of your inner truths. The trees beckon you to grow towards the light and to extend your branches in compassion to yourself and to others. You receive sustenance, support, and sustainability from the connection to the solid Earth beneath your feet.

Overlooking the expansive Lake Michigan horizon, you experience the beauty and power of the water. You recognize your emotions are like the water - vast and wide and you allow yourself to explore the power of the crashing waves, the serenity of the calm, and the delight of entering the refreshing waters on a hot summer day.

Breathing deeply into your body, you notice how much deeper you can breathe when you’re not in a state of chaos and confusion in your busy life. You feel your belly make space for the new breath as you breathe life into your body. You take a moment to pause before you exhale as you are fully awake and aware of this moment. You exhale as you empty your body and release anything you’ve been holding on to that no longer serves you. You connect with others as you share a breath and space. You are at rest. You are calm. You are enough. You belong.

What is possible by the end of this Retreat?
-You renew your strength to speak your truth and live your life intentionally and passionately.

-You feel peace and it flows from you allowing others to feel your compassion and love.

-You receive clarity for your life as you initiate the co-creation of the world you desire to live in.

-You say goodbye to chaos! You receive the tools necessary to remain grounded and secure even in the moments of the storm. 

-You receive the awareness to understand the external situations and what your options are for compassionate responding.

The world needs our positive energy and compassionate presence right now. This begins with our own awareness and self-compassion into our states of being as we tend to ourselves and nurture our hearts.

The locations:
We will be staying at a beautiful and welcoming private residence on the shores of Lake Michigan with huge windows, large decks and uninterrupted views of the water and sunsets. Our meals will be nourishing as we sit next to the cozy fireplace and warm our hearts and souls. We will make our way to Sky View Retreat Center, visit their herd of insightful horse partners and take a trip into their woods to receive from the magical trees in their 50 acres. 

Our Activities:
-Teachings on the 4 elements – Earth, Fire, Water, and Air – the light and shadow aspects of each element and how to bring them into balance in our personal lives

-Archetype teachings – The Child Archetype, The Prostitute Archetype, The Saboteur, The Victim – how these energy aspects display themselves in our lives and how we can positively interact with them which can result in positive change

-Fire ceremony – bringing a small, burnable item that represents what we are ready to release to make space for the new using cornmeal blessed by Grandmother Perci, smudge blessed by Great Grandmother Mary, and herbs blessed by Grandmother Flordemayo

-Water blessing – pouring our prayers and intentions into water and receiving the beneficial water into our human body

-Guided breathing meditations – learning the many types of breathing and which element is associated with the varying breathes

-Guided visual meditations – exploring and investigating the paths that lead to our answers when we trustfully enter the chambers of our being

-Vision board – creating an intentional, visual plan of our desires in preparation for activating them for 2018

-Journaling – quiet, reflective time to ponder and process

-Relaxing – allowing time and space for us to retreat into ourselves and rest

Our Teachers:

Chris Wheeler has been a student, practitioner, and teacher of many forms of body-work, energy work, meditation and spiritual training for over 20 years. She is a co-founder of 1Breath4All and has a private practice where she performs EnergyTouch® and CranioSacral therapies. Chris graduated from CMED, a study of the Archetypes and Sacred Contracts taught by Carolyn Myss and now co-leads Archetypal classes and retreats. As an ordained minister, Chris brings a deep spiritual element into her healings, classes, and retreats. Her approach is to incorporate the use of the breath, spiritual guidance, guided meditation, and intention into her work. She enjoys the co-creative process with the client on their healing journey.

Laura TerVeen began her healing journey 10 years ago. She has participated in journey retreats in Texas, Colorado, New York, and Michigan in learning and facilitating our spiritual journeys. She is the owner of Sky View Retreat Center which is a healing space that welcomes those who desire a connection to their authentic selves, to learn from the healing herd of horse partners, and receive wisdom from the 50 acres of open pasture and magical woods. She is a Certified Facilitator of Equine Guided Learning and has received her certification in Reiki, Animal Communication, and Animal Reiki. Her gifts of perception and clarity aid her clients in connecting their dots in experiencing their answers they seek in their hearts and spirits.

What’s Included:
-Friday and Saturday Comfortable Overnight Accommodations – shared private bathrooms, shared bedrooms

-Delicious meals, snacks, and beverages Friday evening through Sunday afternoon

-Transportation to and from Sky View Retreat Center

-All teaching and activity materials

The Investment:
-$300 per person. PayPal link included on the "Tickets Available" website link above. A PayPal account is not necessary to reserve your spot. Please include a current email.

-Non-Refundable after Sunday, November 19

-This intimate and experiential Retreat will be limited to 8 women.

We invite your heart to disconnect from the distractions of technology and headlines and step into the balance of the Elements to find your clarity, breathe into your peace, and regain your strength. You will leave refreshed, renewed, and ready for 2018 and beyond!

Contact Laura TerVeen at or Chris Wheeler at with questions