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Cleanse Yo'self: Myths, Benefits, and Everything In-between

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Hosted by: Andrea Hop, Health Coach and Christine Schoenek, ND

Want to kick off your New Year's resolution on the right foot? Cleanse yo'self! Cleansing can be a great way to shed some holiday pounds and help you reach your fitness goals in the New Year. Choosing the right cleanse for you, however, is not always easy. There are many different types of cleanses available, along with many misconceptions that can make this a daunting decision. 

Join us for this online, facebook, event to learn:
- Why should I cleanse?
- Is cleansing right for me?
- What is the difference between a cleanse and a detox?
- How can I safely and effectively cleanse?

Dr. Christine and Health Coach Andrea will shed light on these confusing questions to help you become your best self this New Year!