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November Ask the Experts Panel: What is Naturopathic Medicine


With the arrival of our new Naturopathic Doctor team, we ask you to join us LIVE on Facebook November 29th at noon for our Ask The Experts Panel on all things Naturopathic Medicine!

The body has an inherent ability to maintain and restore health and wellness. Identifying and treating the cause, not the symptom, by non-invasive, gentle, and effective treatment, with the whole person in mind is the core value of our office. Our Naturopathic Doctors act as teachers, treating each client’s specific needs, keeping their health and well-being in mind as our top priority.

We believe in the values behind Naturopathic Medicine, and encourage you to give it a chance, too. Spend your lunch break on Facebook with us discovering why Naturopathic Medicine could be the answer you have been looking for in your health journey!