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Yoga For Community Series: Grief

  • Grand Rapids Natural Health 638 Fulton St W Suite B Grand Rapids, MI 49504 (map)
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Grief enters our lives for a multitude of reasons. You may be navigating life after an ended relationship, loss of a furry companion, death of a loved one or maybe you are grieving the loss of what you thought life was supposed to be like, a dream gone by, or a missed opportunity. The source of your grief does not change the weight of it. Grief is sneaky, too. One minute you are cruising through life composed and happy, and in the next breath you feel overcome with emotions that are too much to handle. Yoga can provide you with the time and space to process these intense emotions, release energy you are holding, and allow you to care for yourself. Grief is not meant to be held in private--Come find community. Our grief lessens when we learn to share the burden with others willing to help us carry it.

Grand Rapids Natural Health and Jenny Tanis Counseling & Yoga have decided to intentionally create a safe space for you to explore mindful breath and movement in a community of people who understand your struggle. Come experience a gentle yoga class that will aid in relaxation, increase blood circulation and energy flow, and promote self-love. Then, choose to stay after and be in community with others navigating their own personal grief journey. 

During the Yoga for Community series, Counselor and Yoga Teacher, Jenny Tanis, will lead you through a gentle yoga class designed specifically to help address your current concern. Jenny will share with you the physical and emotional benefits of the movement and breath-work so that you can incorporate them into your daily routine.

Additional resources and community support information will be provided. Following class, if you feel comfortable, you are invited to stay for tea and snacks and connect with other individuals who are navigating a similar journey. There is medicine in "me too". Join us and find the healing power of a compassionate community.

RSVP online or by calling (616) 264-6556.