Frequently Asked Questions - brow henna, tinting and waxing

How long do most people wait in between brow appointments.

Most clients schedule brow appointments every 4 weeks.

Is it normal to have a brow wax every 2 weeks?

Some people are hairier than others! There are lots of people who require biweekly appointments, but typically only a wax will be needed and not a tint.

How long does a Brow Tint or Brow Henna last?

Brow tints and brow henna typically last 4-6 weeks. We recommend scheduling your brow wax and tint every 4 weeks unless our Esthetician recommends otherwise.

Henna lasts on the skin from 1-7 days, while brow tint only lasts on the skin up to 24 hours. Overall both will last on the brow hairs for 4-6 weeks, but the henna will stain the skin longer. Our brow specialist likes to start with tint, to be sure that the client is comfortable with the skin tinting look and then a client can transfer over to the henna process.

Does it hurt to get a brow wax?

This is a waxing service so there will be a little feeling to it, however most of our clients truly enjoy their brow appointments and find it very relaxing to lay on the warm table and get pampered. 

I always break out after getting a brow wax! Will this happen every time?

Breaking out is a natural histamine reaction due to the trauma of the hair being removed. Although we can not promise that it won’t happen with our type of wax, we have seen a lot of success stories by making subtle changes in the service. Just inform your esthetician of your prior experience so they can make proper adjustments. 

My skin peeled and scabbed after my last wax. Will this happen every time?

Skin lifting is a reaction to the skin being sensitive in an area and live skin cells lifting during a wax. Always tell your esthetician during your consultation that you’ve had this experience during a previous wax session. The esthetician will patch test and prevent it from happening again by applying a barrier cream or tweezing the hair instead of waxing.