Health Coaching

Health Coaching Session at Grand Rapids Natural Health (photo).

Health Coaching Session at Grand Rapids Natural Health (photo).

Let's Talk.

You have a goal but are not sure how to reach it. You want to create lasting lifestyle changes but are not sure where to start. Join our health coach, Andrea Hop, on our couch for 30 minutes to chat, get to know each other and have a complimentary  30-minute discovery session to see if health coaching is right for you. Andrea works one-on-one with clients and also collaborates with our doctors to help you reach your health goals. 


Our In-House Health Coach, Andrea Hop, offers:

Grand Rapids Natural Health In-House Health Coach, Andrea Hop (photo).

Grand Rapids Natural Health In-House Health Coach, Andrea Hop (photo).

  • Free 30-minute Discovery Session

    • Where to start if you are interested in exploring Health Coaching at our office.

  • 6-Month or 3-month Program

    • One-on-one coaching tailored to each client’s specific needs.

      • Goal setting and accountability

      • Two 50-minute appointments each month for six months, which will include discussion of client’s progress, and recommendations

      • A variety of handouts, recipes, books, foods, and other materials

      • Email support between sessions

      • Tips, tricks, and strategies for picky eaters

      • Motivator, guide & encourager of your success

      • 3 month and 1 month packages also available, for those interested in getting their feet wet

  • Integrative Health and Healing Program Participants

    • Add 6 or 3-months of Health Coaching to your program package at discounted rates.

  • Meal Planning Session

    • If you ask: "What's for breakfast?", "Lunch?" Let's not even get started on "What's for dinner....?

      • 50 minute session

      • Custom meal plan

      • Learn tips and tricks for healthy eating success

      • Follow up email with resources

      • Limited to one session per individual every six months

  • Meal Planning Monthly Subscription

    • With the Balanced Bites & Body Meal Plan Membership, you get monthly:

      • A RECIPE GUIDE with 29 clean eating, family friendly recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, juices, and dressings.

      • A meal plan with 4 weeks of suggested meals to rotate through the recipes

      • Pantry list for ingredients needed for the month

      • A blank meal planner so you can customize your meals

      • A What's Up in Wellness guide to help you with healthy habits, mindset, and learning with a new focus each month.

    • Each month, all these goodies will be delivered to your email address via a Dropbox link on the 1st of the month for easy meal planning. Get all this for just $7.49/month.

  • Business Consultations

    • Interested in becoming a Health Coach?

    • 30-minute business sessions are available with our Health Coach for a small fee.

Use the system below or call us at 616-264-6556 you make an appointment with our Health Coach, Andrea Hop.