Grand Rapids Natural Health Service, KPS Organics Essential Skin Care Services



KPS Essentials Skincare: Local to Grand Rapids, founders Natalie Bauss and Ron Webb, an esthetician and rocket scientist respectively, created KPS essentials skincare using the highest quality, organic, food grade ingredients that feed, lift, renew, replenish, and soften the skin. Their DermaNu Technology is clinically validated to boost skin hydration, collagen, volume and reduce hyper pigmentation and acne. Facial services at GRNH are done using the KPS Essentials line and we also carry the line in office for purchase.

Grand Rapids Natural Health Service, KPS Essentials Products (photo).

Grand Rapids Natural Health Service, KPS Essentials Products (photo).

KPS Products We Currently Carry

  • Renu Lumin

  • Hydralux Extreme Moisturizer

  • Hydralux SPF 15 Primer

  • Reboost Hydration

  • Super-Food Elixir

  • Vitamin C Lip Treatment

  • Restore Balm

  • Aromatherapy Cleansing Oil

  • Brightening Cream Cleanser

  • Probiotic Toner

  • Renu Face Cream

  • Renu C+ Cream

  • Renu Complexion

  • Antioxidant Eye Serum

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