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Holistic Skincare Specialist

Lauren Bowman graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business from Aquinas College in 2014. Growing up on an organic farm, she has a passion for health related practices. In 2015 she graduated from the Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics in Tempe Arizona, and is a licensed esthetician in Michigan and Arizona.

She believes that what we put in and on our bodies is a big contribution to our overall well-being.  Consistent with her holistic approach to life she chooses to work with a local, all organic, clean, free of toxin lines, KPS Essentials. These products are formulated to penetrate and work in harmony with the skin.

Lauren’s motto is “our hands are our greatest tools.” Her desire is to perform non-invasive holistic skincare treatments on men, women, and teens, while continuing to educate herself on a daily basis in skin care. Encompassed in her purpose as an esthetician, is the knowledge and love for the largest organ of the body, the skin.

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Grand Rapids Natural Health Skin Care Testimonials


“Lauren helped me achieve my skin care goals by giving me wonderful products as well as incorporating the products into my herbal facials. My favorite product that she incorporates into my facials is the honey scrub. She also provides advice to keep my skin looking and feeling great. I have noticed a overall brightness in my skin when I use the products that she recommended. Lauren is extremely friendly, informative, and wonderful!” -Ashley S.

 "My skin care goals prior to seeing Lauren were to stay as healthy and ‘young’ looking as possible. Lauren helped me achieve this goal by really taking the time to examine my skin and listen to my concerns. Now, my skin actually has a nice ‘glow’ and my fine lines have lessened. Lauren is the perfect blend of warm, professional and knowledgeable. She has a keen sense of knowing what you need each time you visit. The entire experience is relaxing, I actually fell asleep during my session with her!”- Anonymous

“I would describe Lauren as extremly knowleadgeable and caring. I can tell she really wants to see her clients happy! She is very personable and willing to take the time to explain each product she puts on and why. I alwayas like to know what she’s mixing up!” – Christen S.

“Lauren cares for her clients inside and out. She is accomidating, approachable and wonderful with her ability to empower her clients. My favorite experience during my esthetic treatment is starting and ending with breathing exercises. It reminds me that Lauren is bringing me to and from my mental oasis during the facials! I also enjoy the enviorment of her office and her soothing voice.” – Chantal L.