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Registered Nurse, Energy Therapy Practitioner

Laurie DeDecker is a registered nurse, certified energy therapy practitioner and trainerhealthcare contractorresearchergrant writer and medical writer/editor. She has been involved in healthcare for more than 30 years. She received her nursing diploma from the Blodgett Memorial Medical Center School of Nursing in 1985. She has practiced nursing in a variety of settings in Michigan and has worked as a nursing consultant since 2002 in public and tribal health.  Laurie began her energy therapy training through Healing in America in 2010 and is a Certified Trainer and Healer Member of Healing in America (HIA).

In addition to her healing practice, she is actively involved in local efforts to integrate energy therapy and other complementary forms of medicine into healthcare. She teaches the HIA method in Michigan and Wisconsin and coordinates the Community Healing Project, which trains members of underserved communities to do healing work within their local community. Her energy therapy practice includes adults, children, and communities. She is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association.

“I love to help people reach their full potential in life through my healing practice, lecturing, writing and teaching. My mission is to allow each client to reach their full potential through relaxation, stress reduction, healing, and better balance. I believe that all healing is self-healing and I work with my clients to clear old energetic patterns and help them explore new ways to experience improved health and well-being in collaboration with their usual medical care.” – Laurie DeDecker

As we go through life and stressful situations, our body gets out of balance. Holistic healing seeks to return balance and harmony to the 4 aspects of a person: mindbodyspirit and emotion. Energy is the building blocks of not only our body but the entire universe. When we understand ourselves as beings made up of energy, we can begin to understand that all illnesses start as a disruption in the human energy field, which if left unhealed, begin to manifest as physical symptoms or illnesses. The practice of energy therapy works with the fundamental part of us that is energy. Energy therapy helps to clear blockages and imbalance in our energy field and helps us find better, balance, thus preventing illness or helping us to heal out of chronic imbalances. The HIA method works with our life-force energy to do just that. It helps bring better balance to all 4 aspects of a person. It has many benefits and can help to speed recovery from surgery, illness or injury, reduce pain or discomfort, reduce stress and anxiety, enhance immunity, build reserves for surgery, and aid in healing out of chronic conditions.

The Healing in America (HIA) method of Energy Therapy was founded in England in 1954 by the world-renowned healer Harry Edwards. This evidence-based method is used alongside standard Western medicine in England where physicians often order it for their patients. Now available in the US, HIA has a certified training program that maintains the highest standards. Practitioners like Laurie are required to maintain a high standard of practice under the strict Code of Conduct, assuring that energy therapy is offered in a grounded and safe manner.

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