Lymphatic Facial Massage

Our Holistic Estheticians are all trained in lymphatic facial massage, which is included in all of our facial services.

The lymphatic system is one of our body's most important systems for overall health and wellness, but it often goes unnoticed and uncared for. This system is composed of tissues, nodes, vessels, glands and organs; all which help to flush the body of toxic waste. Lymph fluid, which is made up of white blood cells, moves throughout the system, killing bacteria and preventing disease and infection. However, a pump does not operate this system, like it does the circulatory system, leaving it up to us to keep our defense system functioning at it's max. The lymphatic system can be stimulated through exercise, gravity, and light touch manipulation, such as lymphatic massage or drainage.

The lymphatic massage has an array of benefits, such as helping to eliminate acne, alleviate stress, and relieve anxiety. When our lymph is functioning we look our best and stay healthy.

A Facial Lymphatic Drainage session at Grand Rapids Natural Health (photo).

A Facial Lymphatic Drainage session at Grand Rapids Natural Health (photo).

More Advantages of Facial Lymphatic Drainage:

  • Stimulates detoxification

  • Reduces eye bags and reduces dark circles under eyes

  • Eliminates signs of fatigue

  • Deflates the face, to promote drainage of fluids

  • Improves circulation of blood and nutrients

  • Repairs cells and improves skin appearance

  • Increases oxygen supply

  • Reduces acne scars and new outbreaks

  • Sedative, relaxing and perfect for those suffering from stress, insomnia or anxiety

***Lymphatic drainage/massage is not recommended for those with high blood pressure or if pregnant.***

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