Organic Makeup

Our goal is for you to love your skin with or without having to apply makeup, but sometimes it’s fun to enhance your natural beauty. For those looking for a cleaner option, we currently carry Aisling Organic Cosmetics makeup line at our office:

Aisling Organics Cosmetics

Makeup, Aisling Organic Cosmetics (photo).

Makeup, Aisling Organic Cosmetics (photo).

We are overjoyed to now offer Aisling Organic Cosmetics at our office. This line is the perfect fit for our clientele. The products are hand crafted by the line's founder, Krysta, and are made with only the cleanest, organic, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, ethically sourced and plant-based ingredients

After a struggle with her own health and the discovery that the chemicals in her make-up were the culprit, Krysta spent countless hours researching clean cosmetics and searching for the perfect fit for her. After finding that what she was looking for wasn't available on the market, she created the Aisling Organic Cosmetics line. Krysta is passionate about her products and the determination she has to help create a world where every person can be confident that what they're wearing is not only beautiful but also good for them. 

To learn more about the Aisling Organic Cosmetics line click here.


Aisling Organic products we currently carry at Grand Rapids Natural Health:

Cheek Tint


Eco-Lux Liquid Foundation

Eco-Set Green Tea and Rice Setting Powder


Length and Curl Mascara



Liquid Lipstick


Aisling Organic Cosmetics (photo).

Aisling Organic Cosmetics (photo).


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    • Try on Aisling organic makeup, match their products to your complexion and get application tips and recommendations from our Estheticians.

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