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Certified Light Therapist and Physician Assistant

Mary Wisniewski is a Certified Light Therapist, Educator and Physician Assistant with over 35 years of experience providing health care in the Grand Rapids, MI community.

After seeing amazing results and benefits in her own life, family and friends using pulsed Low Level LED light therapy, she has now taken another path in her career to empower and educate others in taking a more pro-active path to improving the quality of their life.  Cellular repair and regeneration can occur at any age.

Completely science-based, LED, Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT), is safe, drug-free, noninvasive, and naturally absorbed by the cells in our body’s blood and nervous systems to increase circulation and decrease pain as a result of cellular repair and regeneration. Complimenting your health care team in your treatment plan.

Mary is also committed to educating and assisting Service Members (Active & Veterans). Her son is currently serving as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. She is also a member of the Blue Star Moms in Marne, Michigan.

“There is Hope!” – Mary Wisniewski

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* Mary Wisniewski is an independent practitioner within the Grand Rapids Natural Health office.

** Mary Wisniewski is not a licensed physician and is not licensed to diagnose or treat specific diseases. If a medical diagnosis or treatment is required, it must be obtained from a licensed physician or naturopathic doctor who practices under the directorship and delegation of a Medical Doctor in order to provide more comprehensive services.