Grand Rapids Natural Health Organic Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that is performed to the eyebrow area to give the appearance of a naturally fuller brow. Using a small blade made up of 9 to 14 needles, the eyebrow artist draws perfect hair strokes while inserting an organic pigment into the dermal layers of the skin.

At Grand Rapids Natural Health, we are thrilled to offer a cleaner, safe Microblading option, using Organic Pigment!

Why Organic Pigment?

Unlike ink that used in contemporary tattooing, Microblading uses pigment. Pigment looks more natural and can be formulated to match hair and skin colors. There are two types of pigment on the market today, including organic and non-organic. Organic pigment is derived from vegetable extracts and excludes the controversial iron-oxide ingredient that preserves non-organic pigments. Iron-oxide is a harsh metal and can be detrimental to long term health. 

What to Expect During a Microblading Appointment 

Grand Rapids Natural Health Organic Microblading

There is always a consultation done prior to the Microblading appointment during which time you and the artist determine if Microblading is in fact a good fit for you and go over any questions and paperwork prior to your actual appointment. A deposit of 50% is required to book your microblading appointment to ensure you’re serious about getting the procedure done.

During your procedure, a numbing cream is applied right away and the the shape is drawn out. Once you and the artist determine you are both happy with the shape, our Microblading artist, Janelle, performs pass number one with the Microblading tool and then applies the numbing gel to the area, making the rest of the appointment nearly painless.

The process can be done using two techniques, blading and shading. Microblading is fine hair strokes drawn with pigment being implanted throughout the brow. Microshading is pigment being tapped throughout the brow creating the completed make up look.

After you are finished being micro-bladed and/or shaded, the artist goes over your aftercare and schedules your included touch-up appointment for about 6 weeks after the original appointment. 

At the touch up appointment, you are numbed and we touch up any areas that may have faded or anything that may complete the shape of your new brows.



  • Complimentary Microblading Consultation- FREE

    • All new Microblading clients should book this complimentary 15 to 30-minute consultation to begin the Microblading process with Janelle Goltz, Esthetician and decide if this treatment is a good fit for you.

      • Please be aware that if you wish to move forward with Microblading after this appointment, you will be required to put half down ($237.50-$300.00) in order to schedule you Initial Microblading Appointment.

  • Initial Microblading Appointment Package- $550

    • Initial Package with Microshading Only- $475

    • Intial Package with Microblading and Shading- $600

      • If you are unsure about adding Shading on, Microblading alone can be booked with an add-on later for $50

    • Includes Complimentary Consultation, 2.5 hour Initial Microblading (shading) Treatment and a 1.5 hour touch-up in 6 weeks.

      • The Initial Microblading Appointment is not bookable online, as we require a complimentary consultation. Please book your consult or if you have already completed a consult and wish to book your Initial Appointment, please call our office to be sure down payment is made and to start the process, 616-264-6556.

  • Microblading Touch Ups

    • Microblading Touch-Up after 6 weeks:

      • Included in Microblading Package

    • Microblading Color Boost Touch-ups:

      • Within 1 year- $150

      • After 1 year and within 2 years- $250

Schedule your Organic Microblading Treatment by using the system below or calling 616-264-6556.