Keeki Body Lotion in 3 Flavors

Keeki Body Lotion in 3 Flavors


What you should know about Keeki Body Lotions

Organic Ingredients:

  1. Coconut Oil - Hydrates skin... anti-aging effects of antioxidants & vitamin E

  2. Sun Flower Seed Oil - rich in vitamins E, B1, B5, B6 and C, copper, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium folates, potassium, calcium, iron and niacin make it an extremely healthy for skin

  3. Cocoa Butter - High in antioxidants, healing properties, deep hydration of fatty acids

  4. Shea Butter - Super food for your skin... antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, deep moisturizing, skin strengthening & regenerating

    Scented with Essential Oils from cherry and lemon, white ginger and lemon grass, and cherry and vanilla,

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