KPS Essentials Reboost Hydration

KPS Essentials Reboost Hydration


Reboost our actives throughout the day. With a simple spritz, release more actives and nutrients from the Renū or Hydralux creams and serums you applied in the morning. 
Loaded with essential oils full of hydration boosting properties this will be your favorite go-to product.


Add life to any of our elixirs, creams or serums. Reboost Hydration rehydrates, reactivates and reflows the nutrients and our Dermanū Technology. A simple, refreshing spritz is like reapplying our products without disrupting your makeup.


*Deionized Water, (*Witch 
Hazel) Hamamelis Virginiana * Proprietary 
Blend of Essential Oils 
*Organic Ingredients


Close eyes and spray Reboost (even over your make-up) anytime throughout the day to
release more actives and nutrients from the skincare you applied in the morning.

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