Grand Rapids Natural Health, Jen Bumstead


Front Desk Manager

I am currently a senior at Grand Valley State University studying Allied Health Sciences with an emphasis in Nutrition and a minor in Biology. My planned graduation year is Fall 2019 and I am eagerly awaiting to start my career in the medical field. My internship lead me into my position as Front Desk Manager at Grand Rapids Natural Health and has allowed me to grow in my knowledge of Naturopathic Medicine, which is a huge passion of mine.

Health and Fitness is a huge part of my daily life and takes up most of my free time. I enjoy teaching cycling classes throughout the week and aspire to one day teach in a big city such as Chicago. I love to travel on the weekends or find new places around Grand Rapids to enjoy time with my friends when I am out of the office.

To contact Steven, please email with “ATTN: Steven” in the subject line.