why choose ORGANIC FACIAL services?

An Organic Facials session at Grand Rapids Natural Health (photo).

An Organic Facials session at Grand Rapids Natural Health (photo).

A facial is an important part of taking care of and rejuvenating your skin. Whether you are battling acne or other skin concerns, want to reduce aging or just want to improve the overall health of your skin, this therapy is a great addition to your routine.

At Grand Rapids Natural Health, we believe that what we put on the body affects our health and well-being. Ingredients in the skincare products that we apply to our skin daily will in fact penetrate and get into our blood stream, which can either prevent (healthy product lines) or cause (harmful product lines) skin conditions and disease. Chemicals, which are included in most mainstream skincare products, cause inflammation and inflammation over time creates disease and wrinkles. This is why we choose to use KPS Essentials Skincare line. This line is chemical free, organic, cruelty free, prevents disease, and promotes overall health and well-being.

“Ingredients to beware of”  

  1. Sulfates- These are sudsing agents, also known as a car engine degreaser. Sulfates strip the skin of its natural oils. (Recognize them on the ingredient list as anything with the word sulfate.)

  2. Preservatives- Also known as parabens, these are chemicals that help a product last longer. They have been found in most breast cancer tumors. (Identify them as any word ending with paraben.)

  3. Fragrance/Parfum/Natural fragrance- Labels do not have to list the ingredients that are used to create the parfum or fragrance. Parfum and fragrances hold an average of 14 chemical ingredients in each one. (Look for no added fragrance and or essential oils within the product.)

  4. Petrolatum- This substance falls under many different names; paraffin, mineral oil and PEG compounds are the most common. This ingredient creates a film over the skin, so nothing can get in or out. It promotes acne and is a known carcinogen.

  5. Colors & dyes- These were created to please our senses, not for your body's benefit. They have been shown to irritate the skin and contain high levels of heavy metal.

Organic Facial Treatments at Grand Rapids Natural Health (photo).

Organic Facial Treatments at Grand Rapids Natural Health (photo).


  • Relaxation helps your whole body to be restored.

  • Increased blood flow of nutrients to the facial tissue.

  • Reduces the appearance of large pores, fewer breakouts, faster healing, and overall healthier skin.

  • Helps maintain skins luster and shine.

  • Lightens age spots and sun damage.

  • Helps your skin to better absorb your daily skincare products.

  • The best way to determine and understand your skin type, while having products tailored to you!