One-on-One Yoga Sessions

Grand Rapids Natural Health private yoga services are offered by Jenny Tanis, LMSW, RYT 200. Jenny Jenny believes that a healthy mind-body connection is powerful. As a registered yoga teacher, Jenny recognizes the physical and emotional benefits of a consistent yoga practice. In addition to counseling, Jenny also offers one-on-one or small group yoga sessions. Those new to yoga, seasoned yogis, and everyone in between can benefit immensely from a personalized and individualized yoga experience. Individual attention provided during a private yoga session allows you to key into your alignment, build strength, enhance your breath, strengthen your intention, and increase your mindfulness.


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Why One-on-One Yoga?

Here are a few (but not all) reasons you may sign up for private yoga sessions:

I am a beginner

Private yoga sessions ease the anxiety or intimidation experienced when attending group classes in a studio for the first time. Private sessions will provide you with a proper foundation to grow your yoga practice however you see fit.

I have an injury

Students with injuries or specific health concerns can leave group yoga classes feeling unsuccessful do to the limitations they may be experiencing. Private yoga sessions provide you with an opportunity to have a class designed specifically for you and your body. You can also learn how to modify certain asanas (postures), allowing you to feel successful and strong during studio classes.

I have a specific goal

Whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, everyone comes to their mat with a goal. Private sessions can be tailored specifically to you and your goals, pushing you closer with each breath.



60-minute one-on-one yoga sessions

  • $65 per session
  • $225 for a package of four 60-minute sessions


Jenny Tanis would love to meet you first to set up the best personalized program for you. Call (616) 264-6556 or click here to schedule your 15 minute meet and greet appointment and choose "Yoga Sessions".